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What kind of LED’s are used in your signs?
We offer a few brands, Epistar, Silan, Cree & Nichia. These are the top rated outdoor LED chips used in the world today. They are the highest in production worldwide and have the best track record. Check them out online to find out for yourself. Nichia.com, Cree.com, silan.com.cn

What is the most common issue with the LED displays?

Usually the first thing to go wrong in any LED display is the power supplies. To avoid failure we use the top brands of power supplies on the market. Delta Electronics dps-231cb

Why does your screen quality seem to have a better, clearer picture than the other local sign
companies displays?
Well, it’s simple. We use a higher quality LED brand than most that you’ll find locally. Also, more importantly than the LED’s used
is the LED display control system. We use Nova Star LED control systems which are the best in the world for display clarity. Nova Star also offers a brightness calibration tool which can bring the screen back to a uniform picture in the screens later years. Nova
offers a powerful A8 processor, smoother gray scale and a higher refresh rate which makes a huge difference in video playback and animation compared to other manufacturers. Another main factor to consider is the pixel matrix. We usually sell a much higher resolution screen than our competition and still at a lower price. We custom build all our signs which eliminates the extra labor cost, which creates a lower sale price to you!

Does your displays have wireless capabilities?

Yes, we offer 2 options for network connection.
1: Nova T3 Asynchronous control system that allows a static IP network connection from main control computer in your building. We download the software to your computer and you edit and publish changes to the sign over the network.
2: Nova LCT Mars is a Synchronous control system that has an internal computer built into the LED display. The computer is connected to your local network over a wireless bridge which gives you 24/7 access to the signs window 7 interface from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. This is great for those who like to control the display from multiple locations or computers. A benefit of this system is we can easily connect to the sign for content management purposes or for general tech support or training. Both the systems are of the highest internet security standards.

Does your signs have auto brightness and time and temp?

Yes of course, all reputable sign manufacturers offer these as standard options. Also, our displays have scheduling capabilities for playlist functions, as well as brightness and other software options.

What style of cabinets are used for your displays?
We use only aluminum for the cabinets fabrication which decreases maintenance from rusting. Also we offer 3 styles of cabinets.
1: Front Hydraulic Style- Opens from the front for easy access for maintenance and repair. Ideal for double faced displays.
Highest cost design
2: front quick release modules is a less expensive option but still allows access through the modules for repairs or maintenance
3: Rear access is the least expensive option. It has cabinet doors on the back for easy access but is only usable in single faced applications or 2 sided with at least an 18 inch clearance in between cabinets to allow for access.

Do you have a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 5 year parts warranty and 1 year free service as a standard warranty.

Do you offer any spare parts with the order?

Yes, we offer 1 percent of the contract value in spare parts. We also stock all sign parts in our Johnstown, PA location which allows us to be very quick in the event that a repair would need made. We also stock LED sign parts in Florida.

How does your price compare to that of your competitors?

Well, if comparing apples to apples we are much less. Typically we can sell our 10mm signs for less that competitor 19mm. If they are less, they are cutting quality somewhere. Bring us the competitor specs and we can explain the differences in overall quality.
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